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Feb 17
Info Session: Reduce Waste and Increase Recycling (poster)
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Mar 23
Info Session: Kus-Kus-Sum Project Watershed

Useful Links

We hope the Seniors’ links below will be useful. Please contact us if you have a link to add or update.

Counseling & Support Services

  • Comox Valley Senior Support Society Addresses the well-being of aged persons by providing support services in the Comox Valley. These services include peer support, as well as information and education about transportation, housing, elder abuse, and caregiver resources. Tel:(250)-871-5940
  • HandyDART: A transportation service, within Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland, for individuals who are incapable of using public transit due to mental or physical disability. Individuals must pre-register in order to use the service and there is a fee. Tel:(250)-339-5442


  • Berwick Place: Tel:1-866-625-1690 (Independent/Supportive) – 1700 Comox Ave., Comox (For Profit)
  • Casa Loma: Tel:(250)-897-4033 (Supportive) – 4646 Headquarters Rd., Courtenay (For Profit)
  • Comox Valley Seniors Village:Tel:(604)-334-1002 (Supportive) – 4640 Headquarters Rd., Courtenay (For Profit)
  • Comox Valley Affordable Housing is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing and other related programs to our community.
  • Centennial Place: Tel:(250)-336-8288 (Independent/Subsidized) – 2594 Penrith Ave., Cumberland (Non-Profit)
  • Cumberland Lodge: Tel:(250)-338-5453 (Residential Care) – 2696 Windermere Ave, Cumberland. Operated by Island Health.
  • Cummings Home: Tel:(250)-897-0075 (Residential Care) – 1926 Cummings Rd, Courtenay (Private)
  • Glacier View Lodge: Tel:(250)-338-1451 (Residential Care/Subsidized) – 2450 Back Rd., Courtenay. Affiliated with Island Health (Non-Profit)
  • The Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program provides financial assistance to help eligible low-income seniors and people with disabilities in British Columbia to continue to live in the comfort of their home.
  • Courtenay Comox Kiwanis Villages: Tel:(250)-339-5609 – 635 Pidcock Avenue, Courtenay
  • Laurel Lodge: Tel:(250)-334-3083 (Residential Care/Subsidized) – 280 Second St., Courtenay. Affiliated with Island Health.
  • Quadra Gardens: Tel:(250)-339-5011 (Independent/Subsidized) – 1742 Beaufort Ave., Comox. Operated by the Comox Legion (Non-Profit)
  • The Views at St. Joseph’s: Tel:(250)-331-8650 2137 – Comox Ave., Comox.
  • Stevenson Place: Tel:(250)-339-7012 (Independent/Supportive) – 1683 Balmoral Ave., Comox (For Profit)
  • Union Square: Tel:(250)-336-8288 (Independent) – 2636 Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland (Non-Profit

Health & Medical Support