Front View

The d'Esterre House Seniors' Centre was officially opened on June 25, 1975 by Lieutenant-Governor Walter Owen. The core group of 10 Senior Citizens has now grown to a membership of over 800.

Back View
How the Property Got it's Name

Mr. d'Esterre (affectionately known as Dusty) died early in the 1970's and in his will he left two-fifths of his valuable waterfront property to the Town of Comox and the other three-fifths to two friends. The property could not be easily subdivided and as the Council had recently completed a Marina at the foot of the property they negotiated to purchase the balance of the property in order to develop a Marina Park.

There were two buildings, one an old frame house which was eventually torn down. It was too costly to bring it up to present day standards and to meet the requirements of the Fire Marshal and the Building Inspector. The other building is still standing and is known as "Dusty's Den".

Historical Highlights
  • At a Council meeting, April 7, 1975 Council agreed to proceed with the building of a Social Centre for Senior Citizens.
  • The first Executives, President Bill Gaze, Vice-President Beatrice Radford, Secretary George King, Treasurer Eileen Turnbull, were elected on September 15, 1976.
  • The d'Esterre House Senior Centre Association received the Certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit, charitable organization on January 3, 1978.
  • The first newsletter was published in October 1976. Eileen Turnbull was the Editor.