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Wed. 12:15pm Card Room  Contact: Jane Jenssen 250-335-1227

Tues. 7:00pm and Sat. 1:00pm Card Room Contacts: Jeannette Baron (Coordinator 250-339-7161) & John Godfrey (Director 250-923-5687)


Mon. 12:30pm Card Room Contact: Jane Jenssen 250-335-1227

Fri. 7:00pm Card Room Contact: Coordinator Needed

Fri. 1:00pm (Sept) Card Room Contact: Office 339-5133

Tues. 7:00pm Ballroom Contact: Terry and Diana Fright 250-339-7714

Mon. 7:00pm Card Room Contact: Lori Carter 403-512-8203

Fri. 7:00pm Ballroom Contact: Marj && Charlie Richardson 250-897-0015

Thu. 12:15pm Card room Contact: Ethel Ashcroft 250-898-3887

Mon. 1:00pm and Wed. 1:00pm Library Contact: Lori Labatte 250-338-3476

Mon. 7:30pm Ballroom Coordinator needed

Wed. 7:30pm Card Room Coordinator needed


Mon. 1:00pm and Wed. 1:00pm Ballroom Contact: Gabrielle McCormack 250-339-0113

Fun & joyful workout. Fitness that makes you a dancer!

Wed. 10:00am Ballroom Contact: Diana Fright 250-339-7714

Tues. 11:15am and Thu. 11:15am Ballroom Contact: Pat Jones 250-339-6706

Tue. 12:30 and 1:45pm Ballroom Contact Linda Barfoot 250-897-1374

Tue. 9:00am and Thu. 9:00am Ballroom contact: June Lunny 250-339-0847

Tue. 10:00am and Thu. 10:00am Ballroom Contact: Pat Jacobson 250-465-1683

Mon. 11:00am and Wed. 11:00am Ballroom Contact: Bev Haist or Caroline Hoon 250-339-0816

Wed. 9:00am Ballroom Contact: Nina Sato 778-992-0220

Wed. 3:00pm and Fri. 3:00pm Ballroom Contact: Peter Birch 250-465-8154 or Jerry Woloshyn 250-339-3264

Mon. 8:30am Ballroom Contact: Robynn Honeychurch 250-338-3502 (another T’ai Chi Gong following)

Mon. 9:30am Ballroom Contact: Robynn Honeychurch 250-338-3502

Mon. 5:00pm and Thu. 3:00pm Ballroom Contact: Karen Fraser 250-890-0608

Fri. 9:00 and 10:45am Ballroom Contact: Barb Taylor 250-890-3446

Fri. 1:00pm Ballroom Contact: Deb Karlstrom 778-585-5105

Tue. 3:00pm Ballroom Contact: Donna McKinnon 250-890-0082

Mon. 3:00pm Ballroom Contact: Deborah Holmes 250-339-4313

Tue. 5:00pm Ballroom Contact: Deb Karlstrom 778-585-5105

Thurs. 1:15 pm in BR contact Linda Barfoot 250-897-1374

Thurs. 12:00pm in BR contact Linda Barfoot 250-897-1374

Crafts /Hobbies

Tue. 10:00am and Thu. 10:00am Craft Room Contact: Isabel Thomas 250-339-9667

Thur. 12:30pm Dining Room Contact: Elaine Kivela 250-941-2518

Mon. 10:00am Art Room contact: Dorothy Gardner 250-339-2788

For more info, contact Lorrie Smith 250-339-1902

Tue. and Thu. 10:00am Art Room Contact: Donna Englehart 250-702-9493

Every 2nd Tue. 10:00am Glass Studio Contact: John Fisher 250-338-4573

Mon. 10:00am Craft Room Contact: Lorraine Kendall 250-339-1983

Wed. 10:00am Art Room Contact: Margaret Allen 250-339-3772 or Derek Richmond 250-218-3442

Fri. 10:00am Art Room Contact: Derek Richmond 250-218-3442

Bring your project, no beach wood please. For more info, contact: Dave Robinson 250-703-2536

Contact the coordinator listed above to sign up for an activity or class and to double-check the time, cost and location. The latest activity information can be seen on the last page of the most recent Newsletter. Want to start up a new activity? Contact Ele Clarke to sign a liability waiver and find a time slot that fits.