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To ensure using the latest info, double-check the last page of the current newsletter.


Wed. 1:00pm Card Room  Contact: Frieda Home. email: .

Tues. 7:00pm and Sat. 1:00pm Card Room Contacts: Jeannette Baron (Coordinator 250-339-7161) & John Godfrey (Director 250-923-5687)


Mon. 12:30pm Card Room Contact: Jane Jenssen 250-335-1227.

Tues at 1:00pm in the Card Room. Contact: Judi: or text/call: 250-218-5431.

Every 3rd Sunday @ 1:00pm in the Card Room. Contact: Chuck Hodson 250-338-3554.

Fri. 1:00pm in the Card Room Contact: Harry Piercy 250-702-5948

Tues. 7:00pm Ballroom Contact:  Diana Fright 250-339-7714, email: or contact Harry 250-702-5948.

Mon. 7:00pm Card Room Contact: Lori Carter 403-512-8203

Fridays 1PM-4PM in the Dining Room. Contact Sherry Brydon 250-941-1808

Monday 1:00pm and Tuesday 1:30pm in the Lounge. Contact: Susan Ward 250-339-2979.

Thursday at 10am in the Card Room. Contact: Harry Piercy 250-702-5948.

Thursday at 1pm in the Card Room. Contact: Ethel Ashcroft 250-898-3887.

Monday 1:00pm in the Dining Room. Contact: Sherry Brydon or 250-941-1808.


Monday and Wednesday at 1:00pm in the Ballroom Contact: Gabrielle McCormack 250-339-0113

Wed. 10:00am Ballroom Contact: Diana Fright 250-339-7714 or .

Chair Fit 1: Tues and Thurs @ 11:15am. Contact: Pat Jones 250-339-6706.

Chair Fit 2: Wed  @ 12:15pm. Contact: Caroline Hoon 250-339-0816. 

Tue. 9:00am and Thu. 9:00am Contact: Iris Vansterkenburg 250-890-0686.

Tue. 10:00am and Thu. 10:00am Ballroom Contact: Pat Jacobson 250-465-1683

Mon. 11:00am and Wed. 11:00am Ballroom Contact: Bev Haist 250-871-4299 or Caroline Hoon 250-339-0816

Wednesday at 6:15pm-7:15pm in the ballroom. Contact: Kim 403-863-0738 or .

This class consists of instruction that is very repetitive and slow, ensuring your success in learning to line dance. Come and learn the terminology and
basic steps of line dancing in a non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere.

Wednesdays @ 7:15pm-8:15pm.  Contact: Kim (403) 863-0738 or .
This class is a natural progression if you have attended the Absolute Beginner class and want to build upon the skills you have already learned. It will consist of low to medium level Beginner dances.

Wed. 8:55am-9:55am Ballroom Contact: Marlene (250) 336-2171

This class is for the line dancer who has mastered basic steps and movements. Instruction will be at a quicker pace. It will consist of medium to high level Beginner dances, as well as some Improver level dances which will have more complex dance step patterns, longer steps, syncopation, various rhythms & tempos, and tags & restarts.

Wed. 3:00pm and Fri. 3:00pm Ballroom Contact: Peter Birch 250-465-8154 or Jerry Woloshyn 250-339-3264

Mon. 9am Ballroom Contact: Nina Sato 778-992-0220 or .

Anyone interested in joining the walking group meet at the centre at 9am Tues, Wed, Fri with some exception. Contact Sharon Paterson at for more info.

Fri. 9:00 and 10:45am Ballroom Contact: Barb Taylor 250-890-3446 or .

Monday 5:00pm and Thursday 3:00pm. Contact: Karen Fraser 250-890-0608 or email:.

Fri. 1:00pm Ballroom Contact: Deb Karlstrom 778-585-5105 or .

Core Plus 1 – Tue. 12:30. Core Plus 2 – Tues 1:45pm. Contact: Linda Barfoot 250-897-1374, email: or Deborah Holmes at 250-339-4313 or email: .

Mon. 3:00pm Contact: Deborah Holmes 250-339-4313 or .

Tuesdays 5:00pm. Contact: Deb Karlstrom at 778-585-5105 or email:.

Thurs. 12:00pm. Contact: Susan Youds 250-339-0906 email: or Linda Barfoot 250-897-1374 email:.

Soma Yoga Series: March – Contact Linda Barfoot at

Yoga Therapy Series: February –  Contact Nancy Moelaert at

Yoga for Mental & Emotional Wellness: April – Contact Linda Barfoot at

Tue. 3:00pm. Contact: Wendy Anderson:

Crafts /Hobbies

Full-size snooker, pool table and a dart board are available. Tables are first come, first serve. For more info, contact: Mike Couture. Phone 250-898-4633 or

Tue. 10:00am and Thu. 10:00am Craft Room Contact: Isabel Thomas 250-339-9667

Thur. 12:30pm Dining Room Contact: Elaine Kivela 250-941-2518

Mon. 10:00am Art Room contact: Dorothy Gardner 250-339-2788

For more info, contact Lorrie Smith 250-339-1902

Tue. and Thu. 10:00am Art Room Contact: Donna Englehart 250-702-9493

1st Thursday of the month 1:00pm in the Craft Room. Bonnie Luterbach 250-465-1948

Mon. 10:00am Craft Room Contact: Lorraine Kendall 250-339-1983

Wed. 10:00am Art Room Contact: Margaret Allen 250-339-3772 or Derek Richmond 250-218-3442

Fri. 10:00am Art Room Contact: Derek Richmond 250-218-3442

Bring your project, no beach wood please. For more info, contact: Dave Robinson 250-703-2536

Contact the coordinator listed above to sign up for an activity or class and to double-check the time, cost and location. The latest activity information can be seen on the last page of the most recent Newsletter. Want to start up a new activity? Contact Ele Clarke to sign a liability waiver and find a time slot that fits.